Inspiration for Crafts

My friend Jenn asked where I get my inspiration for my crafts, so I thought I'd share with you.

I wish I could take all the credit for my crafts and such, but the truth is, nothing I've created has come 100% from my mind. Everything has been inspired by others. There are two main inspirations.

1. I see something and recreate it on my own.
    - Pumpkins - I saw a similar pumpkin at Hobby Lobby for $8.99 and really wanted it, but no part of me was willing to spend that kind of money for something I was pretty sure I could make for a dollar or two. So I looked over the pumpkin and took pictures, then perused the internet for patterns or helpful hints.
    - Hunting Mask - Kenny started bow hunting this year and needed wanted some new hunting clothes. He found the ideal hat/mask at Meijer, but it was $13.77. I told him I would make him one. We bought the mask, took it home and traced patterns and sewed a new mask. All  for $2.

2. I get inspired by other people on their blogs.
    - MADE - She is amazing when it comes to crafts and clothes
    - Young House Love - They inspire me when it comes to all things for the home
    - Pinterest - Has been helpful for ideas and inspirations

Enjoy creating!


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  1. Thanks for sharing! At the end of the month I will be jobless and I am wondering if I can get creative and sell stuff instead of going back to work :)