Killing Deer

My husband likes to kill deer. But let me tell you, hunting is not cheap. First you need a weapon, then you need ammo for your weapon. Then you need a place to hunt (luckily both our families have land). Then you need clothing, which is wear I came in. A person can not walk out into the woods and not wear camouflage. Deer are dumb, but not that dumb. So, my handsome husband wanted to buy a hat to cover up his blond hair and tan face. Because if one is completely camouflaged but their head is not properly covered, well then, it's not great. So, I told him I would make him a hat or head covering. He found exactly what he wanted and we bought it, so I could make a pattern and replicate it. To both of our delights, it worked out beautifully. Now the deer won't have a clue what happened.
This is what we got from the Store. $13.77 with tax. Rip-off

 This is my cute husband wearing the rip-off.
 These are my supplies. 
The Buyers Guide - $0.00 comes free every Saturday
Elastic - $0.00 cut out of old PJ pants
Camouflage Fabric - $2.00 It took maybe half a yard
Total cost was $2.00. Way better then $13.77 and my husband loved something I made!
 First I made patterns by tracing the different pieces.
 These are the patterns. There was two sides that looked like helmets and then two rectangles that went in between the helmet pieces.
 Then I cut out the fabric.
 I sewed all the pieces together. This is hubby in a rough version of head gear.
 Then I added a little pocket which held the elastic.
 This is what it looks like with the elastic in. I added a bungy thing to the elastic. The thing that you pull the elastic through and tighten it.
 This is my husband walking to the bathroom to check out my work.
 Husband checking himself out.

 Izzie was scared of the tree monster. She coward and barked.
 This is the new one!!

 This is the old one. Not too shabby.

Kenny shaking. The leaves move really awesomely when he shakes, which I did not capture.

That is all! Thought it turned out great, and Kenny loved it!