Plans vs. Reality - Afternoon Swimming

For several weekends now I've had plans on how I want to spend my days, and some how things never seem to go according to planned, but I realized that the best parts of life are unplanned. I love the spontaneous adventures that I could never plan.

Example: I thought Sunday was going to be overcast and chance of rain, but low and behold it was clear skies and sunny. As soon as I got home around 1pm I told Kenny we were wasting daylight and we had a pool with our name on it. The plan was to lay out by the pool and read and relax. How wonderful does that sound. We got to  the pool and relaxed and then around 2pm my cousin and his wife and two little boys showed up. Not sure if they felt like they were intruding, but I was more than happy to see them. There boys are 2 and 4. 2 year old doesn't like the water and spent the entire time entertaining himself with a hose. 4 year old on the other hand is a fish. After about an hour they were ready to pack up and head home so they could make dinner and mow the lawn. We said we'd watch the 4 year old and drop him off on the way home because the boy was having so much fun. When asked if he wanted to stay and swim with us, his answer was "heck yeah!" So we spent the next hour jumping off the diving board, pushing him on rafts, and splashing each other. Before my cousin left, they asked us "are you sure you don't just want alone time?" For me that was a no brainer to answer "We don't have kids, we have plenty of alone time."

My plan was to spend the afternoon quietly reading and sun bathing, but instead we spent the afternoon playing and swimming with a four year old. There are very few sounds that are sweeter and more contagious than the squeals of 4 year old. To bring joy to others is one of the most rewarding things, and there was much joy yesterday.