For the love of winter

Last year, I don't recall enjoying winter at all. That is not to say I didn't, but my mind has chose to embrace all of the negative parts of last years winter. For house was really, really cold, it was really really cold outside, I worked all week, I didn't get snow days because I had a real job, I didn't do any fun activities, blah blah blah. Well this year will be different and it already is. For example. I have already been sledding twice and I am learning to play hockey, which has been immensely fun and exciting. Hockey has been one of those things where I am so bad that I can't help but get exponentially better every time I play. Which as been fun. Also, 'tis the season to knit, and knit I intend to do. So this winter I have made a vow that, first and foremost I will not be cold, and secondly I will have fun. I look forward to keeping you posted on my exciting winter happenings :)