War and Cardboard

One of my favorite tv shows as a child was Xena: Warrior Princess.

Naturally when we (my sister and I) played make believe, I was Xena and she was Gabrielle. I was never into the princess and the fairy tales. I was all about Xena and playing outdoors. Can you guess what my favorite Disney movie was?

Don't act surprised. There is a connection here. I use to love playing make believe battle and pretending to be a warrior, and last night my childhood dream came true.

Last night at youth group it was cardboard castle night. No one knew what to expect, but I think a great time was had by all. The main elements were: Build fortress, Equip yourself with armor, and Do battle with the enemy.

There were 3 teams. Gryffindor, Ravage Monkeys?, and Stallions. The leaders were the monkeys. I was all for being Slytherin or Death Eaters. But apparently there were not as many like minded potter fans on my team.

The beginning of card board night included preperation.


Now for the good part. The action.

Keith unfortunatly had no idea what was coming! (If you can't tell Keith is the one in the middle about to be taken out.)

The Battle


I battled that night. I sword fought, received welts, was whipped across the face, witnessed small children crying, and had so much fun. It was so freeing to create and imagine and run around whacking people with fake swords.

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