Marlie and me (me being Kenny and myself)

Marlie is our new puppy/baby. She is pure bred mutt, and the closest title for what she is a "Beabull". Marlie's story with us started just over a week ago. We were on vacation in Florida visiting our Aunt and Uncle when one morning our Aunt brought home a puppy after her morning walk. The puppy had flees, two ticks, no collar and was very bloated. Clearly a stray. Before we met, I had no desire for a dog, but once I held her we fell in love. We looked for a home for her, but no one would take her. So after much debate and searching for a home, we ended up keeping her. When Kenny first met her she was a 5 on the cute scale and I am happy to inform you that since coming home she has made it all the way up to a 9.5. She is like most other puppies. She pees, poops, and chews, but we love her.

First Blog

This is a test to see what my blog will look like with a post :)