Patrick the Pin Cushion

Meet Patrick. He is my new pin cushion. We can all thank Izzie for the creation of Patrick. 
Why thank Izzie? Well she was kind enough to chew Kenny's old sleeping bag to shreds. Please see below for the full effect of her destruction.
Instead of throwing the remnants away, I salvaged what was there. I managed to get quite a bit of fabric and a lot of stuffing. Some of the stuffing was used to make pumpkins. And some was used to make Patrick and some remains in my room of requirements.
I thought long and hard about what sort of animal I wanted to make into a cushion. But in the end, I went with the easiest animal to draw in profile,  a starfish. I cut out a template and then traced it onto the fabric.
Cut out the fabric and hand sowed Patrick together.
Stabbed Patrick in the heart for extra effect, but I'm not sure if starfish even have hearts? Oh well.

Here is Patrick in all his naked glory. Cutest pin cushion I own :)

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