Photos of Summer

Meet Danny. Danny is the baby of the family. He is only 15 while Kenny is 23. Danny is a person who is easily persuaded. I have known Kenny for 7 years now, so when I met Danny he was only 8. Crazy I know. He use to be a little kid, but now his is very much taller than me and becoming a man. Anyways, one of my early memories of him was at their house. Somehow we convinced Danny to walk around in rubber boots on the carpet. Some of you may know what happened next, but for those of you that don't, I will proceed. When someone wears rubber shoes or boots on carpet it creates a lot of static electricity. While Danny was walking around we chased him and poked him. You could see the electricity move from him to us. It was hilarious. And the more he freaked out, the faster he would run, creating more electricity : ) Which leads me to this photo. Danny can be persuaded to do anything. This photo is him trying to do a back dive. Everyone one was egging him on, so of course he did it. But as you can see, mid dive something terrible happened. He panicked and everything went downhill. Needless to say he did a back flop. Man I wish I had audio for that one.
 This is one of my favorite photos. I think it is the angle of the ferris wheel. The fair had come to town and I just had to go. My sister and I were really busy so we ended up going the day before it closed at 10pm after our golfing adventure. The main reason I go to the fair is for the food. The rides are pretty lame, and not to mention dangerous, which probably makes them so much fun. We split an Elephant Ear, which is probably a good thing because we both felt a little sick after. So good. So good.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and have a great day!


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  1. Love the ferris wheel; definitely a great photo! Reminds me of the Notebook every time I see one though.

    Great blog hun!