Things That Make Me Happy

Things That Make Me Happy (lately)
Lately there have been so many things, but here are just a few

1. My Baby 
(aka Izzie our dog)
She makes me smile. Even after she chews up something, she is still so stinken cute in all her shame and guilt :)
2. Random Days Off
Yesterday I called into work to see what there was, and low and behold he said, just plan on coming in tomorrow. I smiled and fist pumped in the rain at the gas station. Then I went home, cleaned the kitchen, made apple butter, did some crafting, baked cookies, and watched the office.
3. Laughing
I have enjoyed the freedom of laughter. And I call it freedom because I can't laugh around people I'm not close with. My best laughter comes from deep down and only happens with my closest friends and family. It is this weird thing to be uninhibited in your laughter. To roll on the floor or curl up into a ball because you can't control what your body is doing. I had some great laughter last night with Kenny and Tuesday night with Leslie, Katie, and Kyrie. rotfl :)
4. My Grandma Toni
She raised two kids as a single mom with a farm. She worked everyday as a secretary at a job she didn't love. She rarely missed one of my games (and I played a lot of sports). She gives more than she has. She loves where she came from and doing things how her mom use to do them. She retired over a year ago, and has been enjoying every last second of it. I am going over today to do some canning! Below is her barn and pasture.

Happy Thursday!!!

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