DIY Circle Skirt :)

 This skirt was fun and very easy to make. And, it was the first piece of clothing that I have made that I actually wore!! Whoot whoot :)

First step is to make a pattern. I do not have large paper so I had to attach 9 pieces of computer paper together with tape. It worked great.
Once I had a large enough piece of paper I had to figure out my dimensions. What you do is you measure around your waste, which is the circumference. Circumference = 2 x pi x radius. Next you take your waste measurement plus 2 inches and divide that by 6.282 (which is 2 x pi). Once you do that you have the radius of your skirt. Next you'll measure a quarter circle in one of the corners of your paper. I just measure my radius from the corner and keep turning the ruler and then hand draw the quarter circle.
 After I have the waste drawn, I measure how long I want the skirt and add an inch for the seam. Repeat the steps from above. Measure the length of skirt from the end of the radius.

 Once you have everthing measured, you cut out the pattern you've created. Take your fabric and fold it into quarters. Place the pattern on the fabric. The waste hole should be on the corner of the fabric that does not open (the corner with the folds).
 I then cut out the fabric. Below is a picture of the fabric folded in half.
 Once the fabric is cut out, you'll need to fold over, iron, and sew the outside edge.
 Then you'll take your measured elastic and sew the ends together.
 Once sewn together, you will iron down the extra elastic like seen below and sew the two flaps down.
When your elastic is ready, you need to pin it to the skirt fabric. This is the tricky part because the elastic will be smaller than the skirt fabric. I started by pinning the elastic to the skirt, and then found the half way point of the elastic and fabric and pinned there. Then I pinned two more half way in between the first two pins. Once pinned, you begin to sew. While you are sewing you have to hold the elastic taught so that it is the same length as the fabric. This will create a minor bunch in the fabric which is what you are looking for. My sewing line was not the straightest as I was sewing while holding the elastic tight, but it worked well enough.
This is the final look. My skirt is there on the left. It was very flowy and fun. I absolutely loved it!!
 Thanks to MADE for inspiring me!!
Also, I got to mark one thing off my list of 103 Goals in 1001 Days . I made a skirt!

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