Old Window Refashioned Into Calendar

Ever since I saw a "window calendar" hanging in my friend's house, I knew I must get one, but I did not want to buy one, so I waited. I waited until we moved into our new house. And one day while I was waiting, I stumbled upon a bunch of old windows hiding under the stairs. What luck! We bought the house from my parents and it turns out, they had replaced the windows a year ago and saved all of the old windows for future use. 

This was probably the easiest thing we've done to our house. I found the window that was in the best shape and had 6 glass panels. Then I screwed on some brackets on the back, and put two nails in the wall and hung it up. Now we just write on it whatever our little hearts desire. Sometimes it is our calendar and other times it is little notes. It is like having a little whiteboard. Below are some pictures. I didn't bother to sand it or repaint it because I love the old, rustic feel. I currently have it decorated for fall.

I am planning on selling the rest at a craft show this winter :)


  1. Brilliant! These are going to be such a hit.

  2. I love it! You peaked my interest when I saw the "Wednesday" in your pics from the t-shirt pom-poms!

    You're so creative! :)

  3. VERY COOL! I would totally buy one if I was closer :)