Melissa and Me: Golfing

My family use to go golfing and it was always quite the ordeal because minus my dad, we were all terrible. That all changed when my sister decided to join the golf team. Since then only half the family is terrible :) I'll never forget the first time I went and watched my sister golf. I was not use to golf etiquette. Golf is like no other sport. When they make a great shot you feel awkward cheering because you are on a silent golf course, and you are not allowed to talk to them so you can't so, "Nice shot". But I had fun stalking her around the golf course. My Grandma Toni and I were in a golf cart and we followed her from hole to hole. It was a beautiful fall afternoon and Melissa played her best game of golf. I was so proud of her. She had been playing for two seasons and this was the first time that I was able to watch her. I was very impressed by her skill. After that year she played at Calvin. If you ask her how she is at golf, she'll probably say terrible, but she can beat me 9 times out of 10, and I think she is great at golf!

Fast forward to present day. I like to golf for fun. My parents church was having a golf outing, and I am not one to miss fun sports related events. When I got there, they asked, "Did you bring clubs." "Of course not." Melissa, "Well then, you'll have to go with me." My plan worked. If I bring clubs then I could end up with anyone, if I don't, then I probably end up with my sister :) Our team consisted of Laurie, Jim, our Uncle Todd, Melissa, and me. It was a scramble so we play best ball. I was not expecting to contribute too much to the team, maybe a few shots here and there.
Melissa and Me: You can tell her outfit was much more conducive to golfing
Exhibit A: My Tevas. Not golfing standard shoes. My feet were dirty after I walked threw mud :)
Our team started on hole 2. Let's just say things didn't start great for me. My first drive went all of 15 feet. Then I hit again (just for practice sake). My second attempt, I whiffed. I'm sure my teammates were elated that I was with them. Have no fear, Nicole is here!

Attempt Numero Uno
Walk of Shame
Attempt Number Two
But not to fear, I did get better. This weird thing happens when I golf. When I try I do terrible. When I don't give a toot, I do great. We ended up using several of my drives and some mid-range shots too.

Me Doing Terrible. My first ball is buried in this swamp. ~~~R.I.P. 
Melissa connecting with the ball!
According to my dad, we did really well and really bad. He was just jealous because we beat his team. Both teams were one under, but we played best hole. There best hole was a birdie (one under par) and our best hole was an Eagle (two under par). Never in my life has my name been on the same score card as an EAGLE!!! Right now I am not going to suppress my humble side because on the hole that we got an EAGLE I didn't do too bad. My drive was pretty much perfect. Then you had to chip it across a creek to the green that was on top of a hill. My shot landed just off the green. Luckily my Uncle had a better shot and his ended up on the green, then he made a miraculous putt!!! It was pretty cool. We neglected any golf etiquette at that moment and jumped up and down, shouted, high fived, did a little dance. We wanted the world to know!!

Side note: On the hole we got an Eagle, someone on our team was trying to chip it over the creek and onto the green. The shot looked perfect, it was nice and high and it looked like it had the distance, but we all lost it in the sun, then we heard it bounce off the sidewalk and then bounce off the club house. We all laughed pretty hard.
This was said club house. The ball hit by the left Miller sign. Luckily no one was hurt.
After that shot, my sister bought me a beverage. This is where everything changed. I channeled good old Arnold and my game never looked back.
Arnold makes the weakest of golfers GREAT
So that was our golf outing. I had so much fun golfing with my sister. And now I'll leave you with some fun pictures I took.

Thanks to Arrowhead Golf Course for a great outing!


  1. Great pictures, Nicole! I love reading your blog :) Your long hair is looking so pretty too! It's sweet that you don't bring clubs in hopes that you will get paired up with Melissa. Yay for having sisters!

  2. I am loving the tevas, your writing, your pictures, everything about this blog. Can't wait for our adventures together (with everyone else too) in a few weeks!