Kids Say the Darnedest Things: Part I

I work with kids on a regular basis, and it always seems to surprise me what they say. One of my favorite things to do is to sit down for lunch with a group of kids. The things they say and the situations I find myself in make me smile and squirm all at the same time.

Kid Encounter Part I

Premise: We were sitting at lunch discussing roller coasters and fair rides.

None of the names used are real. The ages of the girls range from 6-8.

Erin: "I was on a ride and saw a baby."

Me: "A baby baby?" (making the rocking motion)

Erin: "Yes a baby baby."

Cali: "Like the kind that comes out of a mom's tummy?"

Erin: "Yes"

Malory: In a quiet voice "Babies don't come out of the tummy."

Everyone stares at Malory. I'm dumb struck as I know what is coming.

Malory: Stands up and points down you know where and says "They come out down there."

Cali: "No they don't!"

Malory: "Yes. They do!"

The girls stare back and forth, both convinced they are right as to where babies come out at.

Me: "Yes, some do come out there and some come out of the belly too. You should talk to your parents about this : )" Divert subject "When you go to the fair, would you rather eat the food or ride the rides?"

Crisis averted. I never want someone else explaining to my future kids about the birds and the bees so I divert all iffy situations to the parents. Only out of respect, not awkwardness. Never.


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