Running: Day 4

Day 4: I ran 2 miles

Izzie and I went running again. This 2 miles was way worse than the first 6 odd miles. My body was tired and did not want to go. I was so glad when it was over. On the run a random little girl asked if she could pet my dog. I looked at Izzie who was twitching with excitement. I practically had to hold her down. She wouldn't sit because her hips were shaking so much. When she is REALLY happy her butt moves back and forth at a very rapid pace. And all she wanted to do was jump on the girl and lick her to death and tell her how much she loved her. Izzie is a very passionate lover.

Days Down: 4
Miles Down: 8.9
Days to go: 69
Miles to go: 131.1

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