Making Babies........Someday

A while back I wrote this post in which I listed things I wanted to do before we have a baby. The things on the list were things that didn't "need" to be done before baby, just things that would make life with baby easier and more enjoyable. I thought now would be a good time to review them as it's almost been a year. And in case you are wondering, we have not achieved all of them yet and are not actively trying to have a baby :)

1. Payoff our house!!

Come December 1st we are planning on making our last house payment!!! That is if everything goes according to plan :)

2. Visit Europe

Barring no unplanned pregnancy, we are planning on go to Azerbaijan in March to visit our friends. I would have liked to visit Western Europe as well, but feel that I want to spend a decent chunk of time in Europe and right now is just not the right time, but Azerbaijan I refuse to not visit.

3. Keep house clean for 60 continuous days

One would think paying off a house would be the most challenging thing on the list. Sigh. Sadly it is not. This one has been a bit of a challenge but today is day 15 of moderately clean house. I've been trying to clean as I go. It is not a normal way of doing things for me. I prefer to let things get out of control and then go to town on cleaning. Since getting back from vacation though I have being trying to pick up as I go and wash dishes while I cook. So far so good.

4. Making healthy living part of my everyday life

This is a two-part goal. Eating healthier and making an active lifestyle part of my life. The food portion has improved significantly and I am extremely happy with the progress I've made. The active lifestyle has also gone great. I don't go to the gym or workout everyday, but I go for walks, ride my bike, play basketball and soccer, and any other thing that involves physical activity. I enjoy being active in ways that involve other people or that are fun and interesting.

5. Weekly date nights with Kenny

This one has not been a priority to either of us until recently. Probably because we were so busy. We do get to spend a lot of time together and rarely feel disconnected, but we both agreed how great we feel after intentionally choosing to leave the house for the sole purpose of spending time with each other. This is now a priority to both of us.

There you have it folks. No baby yet, but here's to the future :)

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