Eating Journey

At first I thought I would just become Vegan and that would solve everything. I was wrong. I was wrong in the sense that becoming vegan would make me healthier. Just because I eliminated animal products, there is still a whole host of unhealthy foods out there. Through research I've come to realize my ideal diet would come from only whole foods.

Whole foods are foods that are unprocessed and unrefined.

We are making daily strides to become 100% whole foods, but I am not a wasteful person, and I do not have enough time right now to take on this endeavor completely. It has been a transition that has occurred gradually, but within the next 6 months, I believe the transition will be complete. Below are the steps we've taken so far. 
  1. We first eliminated dairy, meat, and eggs. Since making that initial elimination of those foods, we've added back meat, but only meat we kill ourselves. ie: venison, fish, chicken. Someday we might add back eggs, but only eggs that are free range and live in a healthy environment. I am not completely against the consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs. I am against what most stores sell as meat, dairy, and eggs. I refuse to eat things that I don't know what's in them. I have no idea what they feed the cows whos beef I eat. I don't know all of the hormones they pump into the animals, so I've chosen to go cold turkey on everything except the animals we kill ourselves. That way I know where they come from.
  2. Eliminate a majority of processed foods. The only processed foods we've maintained thus far have been: pasta, tortillas, white rice, sugar, and flour. Ideally we will transition from store bought pasta and tortillas to homemade and whole grain versions. Transition from refined white sugar to honey, agave nectar, or other natural occurring sweeteners. And go from processed white flour to whole wheat flour.
  3. Cut out white rice. After a month of eating white rice, we finally ran out. Instead of buying more, we've replaced it with brown rice which  retains the bran that surrounds the kernel, making it chewier, nuttier, and richer in nutrients. We actually prefer the brown rice to white.
As we continue to run out of the remaining processed foods, we will continue to replace them with higher nutrient dense foods.

Please don't take this post as me being perfect. There are days where I have consumed cheese, but they are few and far between. And there was one day when I had a handful of skittles. And another day where I had some movie theater popcorn with butter. I am not perfect and this is a journey. Don't judge me.

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