What is ghosting? Well, please watch this video and it will give you some insight about the art of ghosting. And believe me, it is an art form.

Now that you know what ghosting is, here are some pictures from a retreat I went on with the teens. The pictures are not great because they were ghosting in a dark hall and I wanted to be subtle and not use a flash.
Becka is in the gray and is ghosting the women in the black

Double Ghost

Becka ghosting man in black. She ghosted him for quite some time.

I was pretending to take pictures of the swing dancers, but if you look past them, Travis is tailing a man with a beard.

And there goes Becka. Poor guy had no idea.

Travis stayed in it while Becka bailed.
Ghosting is quite the competitive thing. If we were awarding points, Becka would be the winner. Her dedication and ghost-like qualities put her a step ahead of the rest : )

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  1. HAHA!!! This was sooo fun:) And thankyou for dubbing me the winner:)